Make History Usable

Teach a course as passionate as you are about the essential reasoning skills, incredible insights and mind-blowing connections our history offers.

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We are a community that supports, inspires and evolves together.

Knowledge is Power

We share the best classroom insights, trends and industry research to inform great teaching and learning.

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How are your colleagues handling classroom challenges? What tools work best? How do I scaffold this activity?

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Connect with educators around the world and gain insights from scholars who share your goals, challenges and interests.

Narrative power

We use the power of stories—narratives—to help students engage and find their place in history.

What Makes History Usable?


Professor of History

The Danger of a Single Narrative



What is Collapse?


Professor of Geography

Skills, Skills, Skills

Intellectual tools and approaches that help students explore and tie together big ideas from different disciplines and perspectives. 

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Students consider important questions, gather and analyze evidence, and build informed arguments in a way that is applicable across all disciplines.

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Students use AP-aligned reasoning practices and analyze primary sources to prepare for more advanced work later in high school and beyond.

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Clear expectations, regular feedback, and plenty of opportunities to write. It’s our not-so-secret secret to improving student writing. And it works.

Contemporary Content

Approached as a mirror, students see themselves, engage with the learning, and retain more.

Content and Skills in Balance

Designed to meet World History standards around the globe, with the flexibility to incorporate and address local standards, the World History Project is for everybody.

Context and Connection

Looking at the patterns and trends of history, students develop an understanding of the present and preparation for the future.

Distinct and Diverse

We are unique in our insistence to incorporate multiple voices and perspectives. We go to great lengths to gather and learn from them.